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Learning | Skill Building | Playing

At Rising Bridge, as your child grows, they will experience stimulating and educating environments in our rooms alongside children their own age.


Baby Room

We have a spacious and light baby room with an added sensory area in which we can care for our babies. The children have access to their own outdoor space where they can enjoy fresh air and test their physical skills without the hustle and bustle of the main play area.

The babies can interact with the older children and always enjoy watching the children on the bikes and talking to them through the decking.

Our Babies enjoy a variety of activities including a lot of sensory experiences, water, sand, foam, paints, playdough, crayons, singing, dancing, building, (and knocking down the bricks, the BEST part) and so much more!

Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room is a self contained unit where our Toddlers can explore and learn as they play. There is an outside area for them to explore when they want to and the bigger garden to use throughout the day to practice their big physical skills.

Our Toddlers enjoy a wide range of activities to practice their developing social skills such as sharing, playing alongside others and decision making. 

We offer all kinds of learning opportunities and activities including painting, colouring, threading, playdough, jigsaws, climbing , building, balancing, and lots more fun! 

Pre-school Room

Our Pre-School room is split over 2 spacious rooms which allows the children to play and explore whilst learning the vital skills they will need for their transitions into their school learning environments.

The Aunties challenge children's learning in order for them to progress into the next stage in their learning.

Nursery also work with parents with 'Home Learning Packs' and a 'Lending Library' and much more to ensure that parents understand the importance of sharing stories and learning while we play.

We strive on providing the best possible care for each and every child, whilst also providing the support for parents and carers in ensuring they feel happy and involved in their child’s journey throughout nursery.

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