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At Meadoway, as your child grows, they will experience stimulating and educating environments in our rooms alongside children their own age.


Beautiful Butterflies 

We offer a natural look to our environment, with lots of loose part play enabling babies to explore a variety of objects that begin to spark their imagination. The Beautiful Butterflies are the youngest children in our setting. They have lots of fun activities to do! There is plenty of space for little ones to sit, roll, crawl, lie and toddle. Toys are down on the child’s level so they can begin to make their own choices in their activities. The Aunties in this room develop activities around children’s level of development. There are lots of sensory activities being offered to children such as food play, gloop, playdough and such. 



Our Crawling Caterpillars are aged between 2-3 year olds. Their room is set over two rooms, the messy room and the main room. There is so much to do! There is space to play on the rugs and carpets, and space to be messy and begin to make marks using paints, pencils and pens. There is space to explore our physical skills outside and tables and chairs to develop our balance and give us a working space at a table. Toys are down are down on child-level so that our Crawling Caterpillars can practice making their own choices in their play. 




The Little Ladybirds are our babies that have become confident walkers and are ready to explore and learn a lot more! They are aged between 1-2 years. The staff offer lots of different activities to challenge their curiosity, creativeness and growing need to explore! All resources are down at the children's level, where they can self select toys to aid their play. This room again has a natural look to it, with lots of ladybird themes throughout!