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At Haslingden, as your child grows, they will experience stimulating and educating environments in our rooms alongside children their own age.


Baby Unit

Our spacious baby unit is light, airy and inviting. We can care for up to 9 babies within this room. We have a self-contained nappy changing area and access to the outside area. The babies have lots of opportunities to grow and explore with the support and care of all the staff ensuring all their needs are met in order for them to grow and develop.

Toddler Room

Our toddler room is in the middle of the nursery and offers an L-shaped room with access to messy play and quiet areas where children can play and learn. Within our toddler room we can care for up to 12 toddlers. The toddlers have access to an outdoor play area where they have access to an outdoor sand pit which is built in to an ‘outdoor boat’, bikes and lots more.

The children also have access to an indoor/outdoor room which is called our ‘Pitter Patter Parlour’. This is a room that the children can access in all weathers, it is an extension to the toddler room but also an extension to the outdoor play area. The name of this room came from the sounds that can be heard when the children are playing ‘pitter patter of tiny feet and pitter patter of raindrops’ when it is raining.

Pre-School Room

We have a dedicated pre-school room that can care for 16 school-leavers. Again this is an L-shaped room which offers a wide range of opportunities for the children, to enable them to grow confidently for their next stage in life. There is a lovely garden through the pre-school room, where the children can learn about the outside world and explore in our lovely summerhouse.

We provide the best possible care for all our children whilst ensuring we can support the child, parents and carers throughout their child’s early years’ journey.

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